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Our past projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. We specialize in residential and commercial steep-slope roofs. Our customers are given the option to choose between asphalt shingles and steel roofing. 


Working Together

Maverick Construction offers a consistent and efficient labor force that comes organized and prepared for the challenges ahead. We work hard to give our customers the best service at our most affordable price. As part of the Owens Corning community we are able to offer piece of mind that everything will get done to its best ability. 


Why Choose Us?

Maverick Construction is a young company but more eager than any roofing contractor in the region. Our three-partner system continues to overcome adversity and prove to our clients that we're one of the best roofing services in the area. Contact us today to bring local roofing professionals to your next project!

Owens Corning preferred contractor


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